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Greetings and how people say hello.

Greetings and how people say hello.

 Exciting new foods and tastes.

 Exciting new foods and tastes.

Different sights they will see.

Different sights they will see.


The My First Trip Series

The series was born out of a need to build on the excitement and anticipation of their first trip to a new country.

Unique, hand-drawn illustrations accompanied with factual information on destinations, such as Thailand, Bali, Australia, the UK and USA.

We cover greetings in a new language, getting around, currency, exciting new sights they will see, as well as a mini-dictionary and a page where they can write about their own experience.

A stunning book that both adults and children will find educational and beautiful to read.

A sample page from 'My First Trip to Thailand' - factual and eloquent descriptions of what your child will see and experience when visiting a new country for the first time.

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